September 9, 2011

Paul Heyman Shoots on Vince McMahon on LIVEWIRE Episode

How great is this clip???... here we see Vince McMahon with his puffed out chest thinking he's King Shit now that he's finally caught up and joined the new wave of pro wrestling. ENTER PAUL HEYMAN - who puts Vince in his place and challenges him to show how big his balls really are! I love any opportunity I get to see Vince Mcmahon tuck his penis in and act like the bitch he is!

Also notice the talent power we have in this clip!
Vince McMahon
Vince "I've Had Writers Block Since 1999" Russo
Tammy "Sunny -I've Fucked Everyone in the Biz" Sytch
Jim "Still Lives In The Past and Can't Grasp The Future" Cornette
Michael "P.S. - You're Over Fuckin' Rated" Hayes!

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