October 7, 2011

Hulk Hogan vs. George 'The Animal" Steel (1984)

Whenever I see George Steele, I think of that hairy fucker who would eat the turnbuckles, who ate a stack of green apple Now and Later's before his matches to make his tongue look like he had it jammed up a leprechaun's ass, who had a raging erection for Miss Elizabeth, and who carried around a stuffed animal like he was Michael Jackson with pet chimp. Did I mentioned he couldn't wrestle worth a shit.

But he played the role. He was billed as an animal and he worked as one. You can't expect much more. Wanna see some funny shit? Check out his matches against Kamala!

In any case, because he was an animal (of sorts), because he was a heel, and because he had a heel manager to put him over - I guess he was considered an early threat to Hulk Hogan's title. It's a little awkward watching Steele clash with Hogan, but if you watched Steele's matches with Bruno Sammartino - you can tell it could hold his weight in the main event. Here, not so much! But hey, at least creative had sense enough to turn him face about a year later and that fuzzy fucker got a lot more work for years to come.

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