October 7, 2011

Greg Valentine HATES Black People

I'm not trying to pull a Kanye West and tell America that a white man doesn't like black people - Greg Valentine is doing that for me! Don't blame me. It's not a matter of opinion. This comes straight from "The Hammer's" mouth!

In promo leading into an Intercontinental title defense against The Junkyard Dog, Greg Valentine refers to his opponent as a "nasty black man" and describes how he's going to rub his face against the mat and leave black spots all over it.

Now I don't know how this passed through the censors and made the TV cut - perhaps they were wrasslin' down south where lynching black people is a normal Sunday family activity. but the look on Mean Gene Okerlund's face is priceless! Look at how many times he looks off camera to see if they need to cut the promo short or start over. After Valentine says it for the third or fourth time, Mean Gene looks like he wants to clarify that he's not associated with this "crazy ass cracker".

A few short weeks ago, CM Punk got into some serious heat for cutting a promo at a WWE live event and calling a fan "gay". Why didn't all the black people rise up and start rioting when this aired on TV? Where was Rev. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to protest? Why didn't the Junkyard Dog take a chunk out of Valentine's big white ass? Why didn't Mcmahon fire Valentine??? - oh, right! Because McMahon must have been too busy laughing. Another racist douchebag. I'm surprised Vince didn't call Valentine into the office and say, "Hey Hammer! I have this great idea. Do away with that knock off Flair robe and start walking to the ring in this white sheet. You'll get a ton of heat from the fans. You may also get shot or stabbed, but it'll be good for business".

On the flip side to the coin - how great would it be to see promos like this TODAY? What kind of "holy shit" moments would we see on RAW of Vince took them off the scripting writing leash and let them cut hardcore stereotype promos? Because America's asshole is so tight, I guess we'll never see the day. But at least we'll always have this.

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