October 7, 2011

Boycott WWE Scriptwriters - Watch & Learn From Muraco!

Remember the good ol' days when pro wrestling didn't have script writers? Well I've been a wrestling fan for over 30 years and most of you are probably half my age and think that Austin 3:16 and DX were the golden and most historic days in pro wrestling.

I'm talking about the days when wrestlers came up with their own gimmicks and were able to design their own matches - and most of all, cut their own promos. The promos had passion back then. They felt real. They would engulf you in their world with no escape. that was REAL wrestling.

One of the great promo guys back in the day was The Magnificent One himself, Don Muraco. Muraco didn't dress is silly gear. He wore his street clothes and looked like an everyday average joe. But when he got in the ring, he was a beast! When he cut a promo, you had to see his match. He didn't need a manager to get him over. he didn't have to cheat to win. He was as tough as they came and a threat to all titles. But when he was on the mic, you wanted that match to happen now. you were convinced he was going to do exactly what he said, and by the time the match was over - win , lose or draw - you know he tried to live up to every word he spewed. Nothing was said in a promo for cheap pops. He said it because he meant it - even if it meant shitting on Mexican's to set off Tito Santana. How great is this promo where he tells his opponent, "I've thrown every 'chicano' insult I could throw your way..."

For those of you who are starting out in this business - watch and learn on how it is SUPPOSED to be done!!! And don't let the script writers who were never wrestling fans to begin with dictate what comes out of your mouth. If you're going to let them do that, then I'll come over and show you how should be fucking your girlfriends and wives.

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