November 2, 2011

WWF Saturday Night's Main Event Halloween Party (1985)

There's just something about Vince McMahon and his obsession with shitty comedy that irks me to another level. He's like that creepy clown from McDonalds who looks like he likes to diddle children after luring them in with a happy meal. Now that I mention it - it might have something to do with their last names starting in "Mc"....McMahon...McDonalds...McDiddles??? Hmmm - think about it. This is starting to sound like an episode of Law and Order: SVU!!!

Anyway - back to the original scheduled programming. In this video clip - Vince McMahon lives out one of his fantasies as he dresses up his employees in some ridiculous Halloween outfits, as if seeing men in tights wasn't arousing enough.

I will admit that as a kid, I did get a massive erection seeing Elizabeth in something that DIDN'T look like she was going to the homecoming dance. As for Vinnie Mac, some of these choices were a bit questionable.

Savage had to look a bit pimp in order to agree to let Liz look a little slutty. I get it! He Tarzan. She Jane. And both swinging from Vince's meat vine. King Kong Bundy as Abe Lincoln? Seriously? He'd be better off dressing like a fat white girl that attracts black guys. The Hillbilly trio as the Three Musketeers? All they had to do was wear their normal clothes and they'd be the squealing rapists from Deliverance. How may times do you think Vince Mac dropped his pants and "hulked up" his quarter pounder to the visions of Hogan dressed as Hercules?

I see Vince McMahon as the type of freak that has those Eyes Wide Shut wife swapping parties. The only problem is that his wife Linda looks like Barbara Bush - some old ugly wrinkled bitch with one foot in the gave!

On a positive note, if I had to give away an award for the best costume, it would be to the Iron Sheik and Nikolia Volkoff for their impersonation of Batman and Robin. The Shiek looks like a Luis Guzman or a fat Puerto Rican Tom Selleck and Volkoff looks like the fat overgrown retard from There's Something About Mary. That alone is worth the price of admission.

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