October 7, 2011

"Macho King" Randy Savage vs. Hercules (Nov.1989)

If you remember the WWF/WWE in 1989, you'll remember that things were starting to get weak creatively. The Ultimate Warrior was on the road to be the face of the organization - outselling Hulk Hogan in merchandise and fan interest. Hogan was off in Hollywood making some of the shittiest movies ever put on film. What made matters worse was that it was around this time that Hogan brought in his Hollywood heel Zeus, for a real life feud on WWE programming that spilled into a SummerSlam main event. yeah - that was pretty painful!

On the lower part of the roster, creative had trouble finding new opportunities for some of their established stars. While they were inventing new cartoon-like characters, legit workers like Randy Savage were reduced to become Macho King in order to keep his status relevant. A guy like Hercules Hernandez softened up his style to sell t-shirts, but did nothing to command respect.

Every now and then, two vets got in the ring to add credibility to the circus show. And in these types of matches, you can not only see the colorful and animated world the business was headed, but you can still see the fading glimmer of light in two guys who could offer so much more.

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