October 7, 2011

Tully Blanchard vs. Ultimate Warrior (Nov.1989)

Anybody out there still claim that The Ultimate Warrior is still their favorite wrestler?

Character? Maybe. Wrestler? Give me a fucking break!

In 1989, I was really psyched that the WWF had signed Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard, collectively known as The Brain Buster. I remember seeing them in the NWA and thought their style was "real" wrestling. The weren't limited in their moves and they weren't one trick ponies. I liked watching them work circles around their opponents much like Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect did int he WWF. So when they finally arrived, I could't wait to see who they'd be paired up against.

Their matches against The Rockers were nothing short of classics - but then that was about it. Their match against the Hart Foundation could have been so much better and I expected to see one for the ages - yet there was never a legit rematch or feud to have that happen. Instead, i had to sit through matches between The Brain Busters and The Bushwackers - and truth be told, I think I'd rather have a dominatrix step on my scrotum with 16 inch metal heels.

But in this instance, the WWE must have either had an interest in trying something different, or this was a rib against The Ultimate Warrior. Ring technician Tully Blanchard tussles one on one with The Ultimate Warrior in what must be considered a mis-matched fantasy bout. Again, either this was an attempt to try something different or a plot to expose how bad Warrior wrestles. You decide.

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